The Complete Kylie Swift Bookshelf


Harriet seduces men for the CIA. Her husband Cam watches her back… and reclaims her after. Every case is a high-wire act. Billionaires, arms dealers, crooked politicians, and mafia leaders, every target has a different kink that Harriet must unlock to lure him (or her) into the honeytrap.


Married sex lost its excitement? At the stage where anything truly taboo is laughed off or avoided. What if, next time, you say “I Dare You.”

This series of stories follows couples who see the line and dare each other to jump over it. Threesomes, sharing, swapping, voyeurism, sex clubs and exhibitionism—amongst many others.


Ever wake up feeling trapped in your life? Go on a journey of wild exploration with 39 year-old divorcee Cassie Clark. She’s free, she’s horny, and she’s determined to shatter the conventional values that have trapped her for twenty years.